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Women of Grace - Harvest of Hope Gathering

                                            "The Power of Praying and Declaring God's Word" 

Our theme for 2017 has been to "Speak Life". At the October meeting, Luann Smith shared a prophetic dream she had, which was an urgent call for us to pray. Lori Wirts shared a vision she had of us locking our shields together and moving forward together. Jen Ricci, Emida Roller, and Marla Kieler had a "talk show style" program to teach us about the importance of humility, prayer, discipline, faithfulness, and wisdom. Robin Wahl used a rope to demonstrate how we can work together to help each other stay inside the circle. Everything was beautifully woven together by the Holy Spirit. 

The Word that God has for us in November will build upon what He has given us all year. If you hear a lie often enough, it may begin to sound like the truth. If you hear the truth often enough, you begin to believe it. What we believe shapes our lives. In John 6:63, Jesus said "The words that I speak unto you, they are spirit and they are life" Come and learn practical ways we can lock our shields together and speak life over ourselves, each other, and the people in our lives. 

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Earlier Event: November 18
Later Event: November 19
Worship Service